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Vallen Distribution Launches Unified Brand

Charlotte, North Carolina (October 11, 2016) – Vallen Distribution, Inc., a leading provider of industrial supply chain solutions for customers across North America, today launched its branding; a milestone in the ongoing merger of predecessor companies Hagemeyer North America and IDG. Those two companies joined forces in 2014, both subsidiaries of Sonepar USA.

Vallen logoThe Vallen name, which has Latin roots meaning “strong, vigorous and powerful,” evokes qualities that reflect what customers are looking for in a supply chain partner. The tagline — Innovation. Proven value. — speaks to the company’s solutions-led approach to client challenges, and the results it helps customers achieve year after year.

“This is an important moment as we set the stage for growth and new opportunities for our customers and suppliers. Going to market under a single brand allows us to communicate our value and leadership more clearly, demonstrate our differentiators and showcase our ability to meet growing demand and expectations from customers. As Vallen, we will leverage our scope, scale and geographic presence to deliver higher value to our markets.”
Lisa Mitchell, President of Vallen

The Vallen name is well-known in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The name, which in the U.S. has historically been associated with safety equipment and services, now encompasses all U.S. business lines. The two Sonepar operations in Canada and Mexico that also use the Vallen name continue unchanged.